10 Qualities that make a great leader


Leadership styles of people are like fingerprints. They leave an evident mark on whatever they touch. they are unique and differ from person to person. Here is a set of qualities that a great leader should acquire:


To be a great leader you should know not to do an oversized job in minor things. Having a keen focus on your goals helps to achieve them with ease rather than running aimlessly in all directions. Focus has an abbreviation: Follow One Course Until Successful.

2.  Confidence:

A leader is a person who instils confidence in the team through his activities and vision. His motto can be as simple as “inhale confidence exhale doubt”. He coaches his team in a way they don’t self-doubt their capabilities and work keeping the sky as their limit.

3. Transparency:

As a leader be clear. Being authentic helps your team to trust in your intuition and ideas,  a lack of transparency results in distrust and increases the amount of insecurity. Transparency along with integrity and fairness builds trust among the team


A lot of people explain that they are a self-made man. but for a matter of fact, there is no such thing. People are not self-made they are self-driven because of their beliefs, external influences and passion. A leader should have the quality to inspire his team even when they are going through their worst phase.


In order to be truly successful in whatever you do the only way is to love to what you do. Learn to lead by an example not because you feel like it’s what you should do, but because it is your way of life. No matter how successful you might become but if you aren’t satisfied whats the big deal? Passion keeps you going when going gets tough.


we live in an era of limited resources and infinite demand. Being innovative plays a crucial role in your work because it doesn’t only help in making profits but also helps in your survival. Innovation is the only aspiration to solve all your problems.

7. Patience:

It is a test of commitment towards the dream which no can see except you. You will be put into unfavourable situations, unexpected failures or unexpected loss but don’t your patience. Learnt to trust the timing of your life everything will happen when it has to.


Being optimistic will always help you to reach your goals. there will be many ups and downs it depends on your level of maturity how you deal with them. But do be cautious about various events that happen around.


Be ready to accept the outcomes of your decisions rather than blaming them on others when they don’t work out. Learn to say the truth in every situation, problem accepts the fact that everybody messes up at some point or another. When does the problem learn to respond rather than questioning yourself about who is responsible for it?


Learn to have a proper communication with your team which creates an effective way in sharing of ideas. Communications play a key role in expressing your expectations to your team. Once they are aligned to your expectations then undoubtedly results in flow in.

The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants to be done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.






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