5 things successful people do before 8AM


The major difference between unsuccessful and successful people is, the way they utilize time. How they set their priorities right and make sure they follow them. They believe in starting the day on a good note, will let the same flow throughout the day, It’s all about getting your wits togeather to make sure it is a positive and a productive day. We, at Asia INC 500 have found these are the set of habits that are needed to be inculcated to make sure it’s a bright day.

1. Use a REAL alarm clock:

If you use your phone as an alarm clock you would end up snoozing until 8 AM. Even if you would wake up before, you’d end up checking social media. But if the real alarm clock is on the other side of the room it makes you stand up and stops it. It makes you realize that time is precious and you wouldn’t end up using your phone.

2. Take some time to breathe:

As soon as you are awake don’t start running towards your computer or start swiping your phone. Learn to breathe and reduce your stress levels. Take a coffee along with the newspaper or read a book and start your day in the most productive way possible. Habits like these enable you to have a clear thought of the day and give you a head start.

3. Set out your clothes the night before:

This is a way you can portray yourself to be organized for the next day rather than concentrating on the trivial matters that happened. This habit also helps you to save your time the next time and maximize on other important things that are to be concentrated.

4. Hit the Gym:

Fitness is the most important aspect that one should never give up on. Hitting a gym produces happy hormones, necessary which are called as endorphins. They are produced by the brain in certain scenarios among which is the gym. Find something that suits you. It is not necessary that it should be sweaty and tiring. A brisk walk will do.

5. Read something you enjoy:

Start your day by reading something that interests you. It improves your comprehension. Reading something boring such as an email or something else sets your approach for the day. Read something that lifts your mood or helps you to develop as a better person.

All these habits togeather help you to start your day on a productive note and set positive vibes throughout the day. Don’t try to implement all at once, do them slowly and feel the change.


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