In Age of Digital Business: Brand Loyalty Equals App Loyalty !


In the age of Software defined businesses, Digital applications including mobile & web app are core to success of these businesses. The digital applications have emerged as the first face of any business and offering a great user experience is non-negotiable as it can make or break brands loyalty & success.

According to statistics, 52% of the time individuals spend on digital media is on mobile apps. This aspect clearly indicates that enterprises are generating a lot of revenue from the usage of mobile apps. The Apple App store boasts close to 2 million of these apps while Google play has over 2.2 million Apps. This number is expected to increase in the future.

Desktops still play an important role in digital, and they don’t look to be phased out of our lives anytime soon. They’re highly practical and efficient for accomplishing complex and information-heavy tasks, which makes them crucial for workforce productivity. Additionally, consumers still prefer desktops when making online retail purchases, with 87 percent of total digital commerce coming from the platform, despite mobile accounting for 60 percent of total time spent shopping online. Read more insights at Comscore Findings.

Having said all that, the Digital Application landscape is quite complex and multiple dependencies across user devices, app server, MQ, 3rd party APIs, Database to name few. On top of this there are multiple owners within an organization, Business User, Marketing User, App developer, IT Operations, DB Admin and many more. Each owner is proficient in their areas of expertise but lack the holistic view & interest of the entire application and business transaction. Developer is focused on building the application, IT Operations team is focused on setting up the infrastructure, DBA is focused on maintaining the DB server and each one is using multiple tools to get a sense of their metrics.

To offer a great user experience, businesses have to offer a good responsive application that is always up & running, have faster response times and helps the user to browse, select products and complete the transaction. If there is page load delay, functionality crash, payment gateway errors etc, the user’s experience goes bad and guess what he will start sharing his negative experiences in the social media that gets amplified and ruins your Brand Loyalty. And that’s the reason I feel in today’s age of software defined business, Brand Loyalty is Equal to App Loyalty.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Real User Monitoring (RUM) and App Analytics can help today’s software defined business, get the end to end visibility of application and business transaction, resolving issues proactively to ensure a great user experience. Businesses will generate and maintain happy customers by offering a superior user experience, thus ensuring App Loyalty and in turn increasing Brand Loyalty with positive word of mouth and social amplification of their positive experiences.

This market of APM, RUM and App Analytics is a fast growing market and a key driver for success of software defined businesses. Thanks for dropping by & reading this article, I would love to hear your thoughts and stories where you have improved your App Loyalty, in turn leading to Brand Loyalty.


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