Corner Aspects of Supercomputers – Innovation at Next Level


The impact of technology on the human beings is never going to end. From processors to computers to supercomputers, the innovation is gearing up the speeds. With innovation as a base, every industry has the grit to bring something new in the world so that it could establish its brand in the world.

As such, the era of supercomputers or supercomputing has begun since 2013. The competition for inventing supercomputer began in the minds of tech experts belonging to the US, Japan, and China. Their thirst for innovation with an aim to process at faster speeds made them revolve around the idea of supercomputers.

This idea has been executed and in 2013, two supercomputers – Cray Titan operated at 17.59 petaflops and IBM Sequoia operated at 17.17 petaflops (floating point operations per second) were in place. Since then, the countries began working on supercomputers and that’s when China proved itself beating all the supercomputers those were on the list by inventing NUDT Tianhe-2 with 33.86 flops.

Relentless in innovation, China was in its work to beat the former one. In 2016, China came up with an impressive 93.01 petaflops in a TaihuLight supercomputer.

Soon after this, Piz Daint (19,590 flops) by Switzerland, Gyoukou (19,136 petaflops) by Japan, Titan (17,590 petaflops) by the US, to name a few, gave wide opportunities to explore, research, and go beyond the boundaries of the invention. These supercomputers have shown their greatness in various fields with their speed of execution.

Integration of Supercomputers in Various fields

Yes, supercomputers were invented and achieved expected results, but what next? Where are the so-called supercomputers applicable?

The applications of supercomputers include the production of Advanced jet engines, data collection at subsurfaces, aircraft simulations, designing new weather models, conducting live demonstrations in military fields, pattern recognition, research in artificial intelligence, and space operations.

Healthcare will be benefited the most, once this technology comes into the picture. In every field, just like machine learning, supercomputers can be integrated and this is what we call “advancements in the field”.

“Supercomputing, a Compelling Cause; Supercomputer, an Amazing Innovation.”

There are many supercomputers now developed by many countries and recently, The Summit is the world’s fastest supercomputer designed by the US which made into the top 10 supercomputer’s list leaving China’s TaihuLight in the second.

So, Tech experts keep working on maximizing the number of petaflops until the trend of supercomputing lasts. Then, next-generation computing will begin which is not in practice but theoretically, it exists.

Future is all About Quantum!

Components are integrated on a smaller scale and in near future, it’s likely that we will see the quantum computing realm.

There are no quantum computers yet, as these are associated with subatomic particles, however, the predictable competition for quantum computers can be imagined for now.

Anticipating the wondering aspects in technology, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds to excite us!


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