Emerging trends in Business and Digitalization


    Business is a constantly changing entity and like many other things in modern-day society, it has had to evolve and adapt to the trends the world follows.

    We are now well into 2017 and companies have had a lot to learn from the past year. In India, the impact of demonetization is still very visible, however, things seem to be getting better as the common man tries to understand something very new. A new variable in his everyday life, digitalization.

    For businesses, companies and start-ups alike, the reign of digitalization can be a very positive one if they put the right heads at work and find a way to exploit today’s growing trends.

    The downside to digitalization is that protection for assets will now be more important than ever and therefore cyber-security has become a much-demanded service by companies. Nobody wants to leave themselves vulnerable and nobody wants to make losses.

    Fortunately enough, there are a few profitable ways in which companies and businesses can grow with the help of digitalization. Let’s go through a few of them, shall we?

    1.Social Media Marketing

    Emerging trends in Business and Digitalization SocialMediaMarketing

    The world of social media has seen a massive growth in the past few years. More and more people now have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, three major players in the social media circle.

    Companies and startups have started to use these platforms as well. For start-ups, social media is the best way to promote their services and identify their target customer groups.

    Social media is a great way to study the analytics behind the companies’ progress. While there are platforms such as LinkedIn already on the market, Twitter makes for a much better platform for companies to understand the needs of the customer.

    What social media also allows companies to do is to gain support and appreciation of customers. Customers reach out to start-ups/ businesses with tweets or Facebook posts. The thing they most like is when the company responds in a positive manner and generates a positive vibe with the customer.

    This may seem a small effort from the company, but if we look at the bigger picture, it is small things like this that give companies/start-ups the edge in most situations.

    2. Artificial Intelligence

    • Emerging trends in Business and Digitalization AquisitionA

    Artificial intelligence is set to play a major role in the way businesses and start-ups understand their progress and their reach.

    Using multiple variables for analysis, companies can now use artificial intelligence to identify what their customer needs and identify the customer’s problems better.

    A.I. will also enable companies to target specific customers who are in need of a solution to their problems. As in, A.I. can help companies discover clients who are in the need of the solutions that the respective company offers.

    3. Providing marketing solutions

    Emerging trends in Business and Digitalization social media optimization

    The massive growth in start-up ecosystems around the world has led to a need for effective marketing solutions, which has led to firms being established to serve that very need.

    Upcoming start-ups sometimes lack the approach they need to reach out to the customers they want to, this is where the firm providing the marketing solution comes into the picture.

    More and more firms now aim at helping companies expand online and find more effective solutions to online marketing, which has led to a greater demand from upcoming start-ups for such firms that can guide them in their approach to marketing and get the best possible clients and achieve targeted profits.


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