Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Invest & Trade

From the past few years, Asia Inc. 500 has been working with multiple companies across various countries in building bilateral economic relations with India. We are the focal point for foreign companies aiming to attract investments, companies and various businesses from India. We mainly focus on assisting the global countries on digital transformation, sourcing of funds for investments, attracting companies and various other businesses for bilateral trade and help maintain a steady relationship for further development.

Asia Inc. 500 is dedicated to promoting the interests of global companies, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as academic and government organisations wishing to engage in bilateral trade with India.

As a leading network for business,we represent a multitudinous mix of sectors such as Banking, Construction, Transportation, Education, Energy, Technology, Legal and financial services etc.

What We Do :

  • Initiate and foster business development in other countries with all the necessary assistance from India.
  • Secure the respective partnerships and investments.
  • Innovate the new products and services and revive the existing ones for further development.
  • Asia Inc 500 thoroughly and regularly stays in contact and works with the media, Government organizations and officials of both India and the other foreign country involved in the bilateral trade to voice out various concerns, requirements and priorities of our business community.
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Asia Inc 500 Dossier:

From 2015-17, Asia Inc. 500 has provided its professional consulting services and assistance in digital transformation and pooling up of necessary resources to the following countries :-

  1. Africa South Africa, Ghana
  2. North America – Canada
  3. Middle East Egypt & Oman
  4. Asia Thailand

And many more in progress.

Since the time of many massive summits like India-Africa summit in 2015 and Act East Policy form the GoI, we’ve persistently been at the forefront curating the networks that support business and Government institutions between the global countries and India spanning across various sectors .