Leadership: You are the Influence


Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself —Jack Welch

1. Influential Leader is Physically Charming

Leader’s physique: a radiant face, strong limbs, broad bust, thin waist is what people see first, even before exchange of any greetings or communication. An influential leader is physically fit and charming. People are able to spot a potential leader in the crowd from her physique; and, likewise, question leadership of those who are not physically fit.

A leader is full of youthful energy and strength, at all times – ever smiling and sporty, winning people’s confidence. S/he is a hero beaming with enthusiasm and ever leading from the front.

A leader carries an aura of knowledge and bliss – hiding all sufferings that s/he has to go through, anyways.

Suramyāṅgaḥ, Ruciraḥ. Tejas. Prabhāvaḥ. Balīyān. Vayasānvitaḥ. Śūraḥ. Sac-cid-ānanda-sāndrāṅgaḥ.

2. Influential Leader Communicates with People

A leader adapts to language of people: colloquial dialect when communicating with less educated, and proper language with those who understand. S/he is an expert linguist, including vernacular.

A leader speaks the truth and keeps commitments. S/he speaks pleasantly, even with those who may have offended. Her eloquence is classified into:

  • speaking that is pleasing to ears – soft pronunciation and pitch
  • speaking with hidden meaning – winning over adversaries, addressing doubts authoritatively, and with many meanings

Vividhādbhuta-bhāṣāvit. Satya-vākyaḥ. Priyaṁvadaḥ. Vāvadūkaḥ.

3. Competence: Influential Leader Solves Problems

An influential leader finds holistic solutions; and, has knowledge of various related subjects. Knowledge finds its own way to serve the leader who pursues it. A leader makes judicious use of knowledge to serve different peoples because they have different problems. An influential leader is not influenced by what people think, only by what they know.

A leader has to be intelligent, to absorb knowledge, and then to apply this knowledge to problem solving.

A leader is creative to get ideas spontaneously to deal with situations. S/he is able to “think on her feet”.

A leader is sharp in addressing multiple varied problems, without getting bogged down.

A leader is experienced and has developed expertise in finding solutions to complex problems that people may not be able to.

A leader discriminates solutions based on understanding of place, time and person; and, acts accordingly.

Supaṇḍityaḥ. Buddhimān. Pratibhānvitaḥ. Caturaḥ. Dakṣaḥ. Deśa-kāla-supātrajñaḥ.

4. Character: Influential Leader is Virtuous

An influential leader is gracious to acknowledge contributions and support, as well as faith reposed in her leadership. The leader does not forget past services of people even after they turn hostile.

A leader operates within boundaries of rules, in any given situation; and, engages others in doing so as well.

A leader is self-aware and controls her senses and need for gratification.

A leader who has had satisfaction of desires fulfilled, is undisturbed and resolute when there is cause for agitation. This leader is more generous in sharing credit and ignoring provocation. People do not witness agitation or change in behavior of the leader.

A leader is respectful to all people.

A leader is modest and devoid of arrogance; and, exemplifies her modesty in all situations.

Kṛtajñaḥ. Śāstra-cakṣuḥ. Śuciḥ. Vaśī. Dhārmikaḥ. Dhṛtimān. Mānyamāna-kṛt – Vinayī. Atha sadā-svarūpa-samprāptaḥ.

5. Influential Leader is Liked

People use more than rationality and intellect to make decisions. They bring their minds and bodies to work; their emotions, feelings, and personal experiences that cannot be represented in any rational model. In fact, it is in those situations, where rationality does not apply, that leadership is most crucial. If we could reduce every decision to a rational model, we would not need leaders at all.

An influential leader is aesthetic and cherishes arts. S/he is able to dance, sing or play an instrument. S/he could write poems, make riddles or paint. S/he could play various indoor games and possibly good at some of them. S/he has a way of enjoying leisure that people admire. Her leadership transcendence beyond the workplace.

A leader is bashful and modest when praised by people.

A leader is happy and is not touched by a trace of sorrow or setbacks. S/he finds reasons to celebrate even in adversity. S/he is friendly with people. S/he appreciates their services and allows them to lead. S/he succumbs to affection of people, without losing objectivity. A leader enjoys lot of affection from people. S/he enjoys being playful with people and endears them.

A leader is attractive to all people; and, they look forward to meeting her. People are happy seeing this leader; and, in-turn cheer her in whatever s/he says and does. S/he even attracts attention of those who are indifferent and are not considering her leadership.

A leader is astonishingly ever-fresh even after a grueling routine with people.

Vidagdhaḥ. Hrīmān. Sukhī. Bhakta-suhṛt. Prema-vaśyaḥ. Rakta-lokaḥ. Nārī-gaṇa-mano-hārī. Nitya-nūtanaḥ. Ātmārāma-gaṇākarṣī. Rūpa-mādhuryaṁ. Veṇu-mādhuryam. Premṇā priyādhikyam. Līlā-mādhuryaṁ.

6. Influential Leader is Generous

A leader is generous and perseveres to satisfy needs of peoples s/he seeks to influence – and, ensures nobody is able to compete with her in generosity.

An impartial leader is free from attraction and disgust; and, has to decide judiciously without prejudice, so nobody suffers.

A leader is tolerant and endures mistakes by people. S/he accepts criticism even if it is out of malice; and, stays the focus on objectives. A leader undermines serious offenses of people and highlights every single service. He does not find fault, only encourages.

A leader is compassionate who does not allow people to suffer. S/he is empathetic, and suffers when people suffer. S/he works for the benefit of everyone.

This leader raises the bar for adversaries for them to join forces with her, to achieve success on higher goals.

Vadānyaḥ. Samaḥ. Kṣamāśīlaḥ. Karuṇaḥ. Dakṣiṇaḥ. Śaraṇāgata-pālakaḥ. Sarva-śubhaṅkaraḥ. Sādhu-samāśrayaḥ. Hatāri-gati-dāyakaḥ.

7. Influential Leader is Committed

A leader perseveres and works consistently to achieve goals. S/he does not loathe wandering around and procrastinating.

A leader is committed to objectives set, even in adversity. People who repose their confidence never suffer; and, the leader delivers on commitment time and again, consistently. S/he patiently endures difficult but necessary suffering.

Sthiraḥ. Sudṛḍha-vrataḥ. Dāntaḥ.

8. Influential Leader commands Social Authority

A leader is inscrutable – intentions are difficult to comprehend. S/he remains poker faced and silent in adverse or conducive situations. People cannot understand whether s/he is satisfied or angry.

A leader is glorious and renowned for accomplishments and brilliance. S/he is admired, not only by people whom s/he seeks to influence, but also beyond.

A leader is prosperous and is able to exhibit opulence. S/he is able to create fortune.

A leader is the best for people s/he seeks to influence, in whatever s/he does. Her instructions cannot be neglected by people. S/he possesses inconceivable power – has an extraordinary role in creating fortune.

Gambhīraḥ. Pratāpī. Kīrtimān. Sarvārādhyaḥ. Samṛddhimān. Varīyān. Īśvaraḥ. Sarvajñaḥ. Sarva-siddhi-niṣevitaḥ. Atha avicintya-mahā-śaktiḥ. Koṭi-brahmāṇḍa-vigrahaḥ. Avatārāvalī-bījam.

Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily —Brian Tracy


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