LINC: The Name You Know The Story You Don’t


It took 20 years for  Mr. Deepak Jalan for it to look like an overnight success. Linc pens are a now a pioneer in the industry of Pens. Under the sagacious leadership of Mr. Deepak Jalan, the company grew exponentially and now stands in the list of top 5 brands in writing industry. The company has its headquarters situated in Bengal. It has more than 2000 employee’s working for it.  LINC has consistently contributed its part in the growth of organized writing industry sector as  Associate Member of Merchant Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Writing Instrument Manufacturer’s Organization and as a Member of Calcutta Pen Manufacturers and Dealers Association.

The LINC group was established by Mr. SurajMal  Jalan, the present chairman in the mid of 1970’s. Over 3 decades of its existence it established itself as the market leader in the Pen Industry. It is now a first-hand manufacturer and exporter of quality writing instruments, with its manufacturing units in Bengal and Goa. To make sure the customers are satisfied and their needs are met the LINC has associated itself with the Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Japan in 1992 in a strategic collaboration for their Uni-ball range. The LINC targets it’s products to all kinds of markets, producing quality products at an economical price which allows better value for the retailers, the products are unique in their price-to-performance ratio.

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The Story you didn’t know:

The story of a person who came without a dime to Kolkata 6 decades ago is now an owner of a pen industry named LINC worth 350 crores. A person who has built a company which makes mores a crore pens every year and exports it to 50 different countries. He was born in 1938 at Lachhman Garmin Sikar district, Rajasthan. He has a very ordinary childhood. The family was run by Mr.Surajmal brothers since their father lived a retired life. His brothers always wanted him to focus on studies and not on work.  He had to travel 18Km every day after his 10th class for his college. Unable to bear his travel expense his family asked him to study in the home. He dreamt something big since his childhood which made him move to Kolkata irrespective of family’s opinion. He barely had money to travel in train to Kolkata. A journey which changed his life and evolved him into a person who he is today. He worked for 2 years in a carpet showroom for a remuneration of 60 rupees. His job over there was to do sales, accounting, and business development. His friend had a transport company, he used to sleep on the mezzanine floor of his workplace, bathed on the footpath and ate at roadside eateries. He used to walk for several kilometers to save money. This part of his life is called as somber.


LINC: The Name You Know The Story You Don’t dec2 16 lincpen 300x202LINC glycer was the top selling pen in 2005, during which the company launched its retail store outlets.Now, Linc has 13 stores in eastern India and Mumbai, selling 50 self-manufactured products that which include gel pens, ball pens, and stationery items such as markers, marker erasers, notebooks and file folders.In 2009, the company started its production in its second manufacturing plant of around 33000 sq ft at Falta in south 24 Parganas with an investment of Rs 15 crore. Deepak along with his son Rohit, aim to double the turnover in the next four years.


He then started working in a comb manufacturing company before he was getting married. Due to force from his family, he had to return back to his village in 1960. With the amount, he saved he invested them on pens and started going door-door to sell pens. It was when he realized India lacked in good quality pens. He was able to see the big picture, soon he realized that his dream won’t is fulfilled if he was in his village. He relocated himself to Kolkata and rented a marketplace in Bagree Market, a major stationery market in the city, which I slowly turned into wholesale. But this was not what he wanted! he always wanted to start a company. This part of his life is called as optimism. His in-laws came to his rescue, they provided him a 10*10 unused room. With an investment of 10,000, he started making parts for ball pens. His products became popular, but his dream hasn’t fulfilled yet. He fulfilled his dream in 1976 when he established Linc Pen and Plastic by taking on rent a 700 sq ft office in the city at an investment of Rs 3 lakh and 5 employees. The name LINC was suggested to him by his friend which means TO CONNECT. He used innovative ways to make sure he made profits and the standards and satisfactions of customers were up to the mark. He outsourced pen production. He used to visit a lot of shops and convinced people to sell his product and also took valuable feedback from them. To make sure the company get’s a recognition in Global plenary, Deepak set up a master plan.In 1986, LINC set up its first manufacturing unit at Serakole in South 24 Parganas at an investment of Rs 10 lakh.  It grew exponentially in 1992 when it got tied up to Mitsubishi Japan to become the exclusive distributors of Uni-ball pens in India and the same year made its first export of around Rs 12 lakh worth pens to South Korea.The company had achieved a turnover of Rs 25 crore by 1995. That year the company got listed in the Mumbai and Kolkata Stock Exchange as well. This part of his life is termed as happiness.

The story of Mr. S.M.JALAN is a first-hand evidence of the quote

” Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but to rise every time we fall”


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