Partner Network Mapping – India – Decoded


With the advent of Business Automation in India in the mid 1990s, there emerged a Partner Network in India catering to the IT Ecosystem. Over the subsequent two decades, this Partner Network began to grow steadily from strength-to-strength, dealing with a spectrum of products, solutions and services.

It does not matter whether you are in a company churning out Hardware products every 6 months or you are in a company releasing ERP Software every couple of years or you are in a company which is into Cloud Services. What really matters, is how you are able to leverage the Partner Network for the forays into the Indian Market.
The Partners in India catering to the IT Ecosystem can be broadly classified under the following categories :

  1. Resellers (Dealers) – These Partners are “Box-Pushers” who sell stand-alone products to the Customers. They generally do not provide support of any kind.
  2. Value Added Resellers (VARs) – These are Partners who sell products to the Customers and provide the necessary preSales/postSales support. They add value to the product Vendors’ efforts.
  3. System Integrators (SIs) – These are Partners who sell bundle/suite of products to the Customers, integrate these products and also support/maintain the products at the Customers’ premises. They provide end-to-end turnkey Solutions to the Customers.
  4. National Volume Distributors – These are Partners who buy the products from different product Vendors and distribute it nationally across different geographies of India. They stock and sell the products to the Resellers/VARs/SIs/RegionalDistributors.
  5. National Value Added Distributors – Apart from taking on the role of Volume National Distributors, they go two steps further in adding value to the product Vendors/Resellers/VARs in terms of PreSales/PostSales Support, Marketing, Business Development etc,.
  6. Regional Distributors – These are Partners who buy the products from either product Vendors or National Distributors (Volume/Value). They inturn, stock and sell the products to the Resellers/VARs/SIs.
  7. Independant Software Vendors – These are Partners who have Software Solutions developed by them on different platforms and offer them to Customers, in conjunction with Operating Systems, Databases, Storage etc., offered by Product Vendors.
  8. Implementation Partners – These are Partners who help Customers implement Software Solutions viz., – ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing, Supply Chain Management, eCommerce etc,.
  9. Consulting Partners – These are Partners who help Customers choose the right product/service/solution by providing them advice in terms of Technology/Roadmap etc., taking into consideration the Company’s current Systems/Processes and their future growth plans and strategies.

Whether it is a large IT Hardware Company planning to enter India or a Startup Software Product Company planning to increase their customer base or a Cloud Company planning to cater to the SMB/SME segment, no Company can ignore the Partner Ecosystem in India.

Success in India is FINALLY all about Partnerships !


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