Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Growth Conclave 2017 & Women At Work awards focus on Women Leaders and Entrepreneurship with a theme to talk about Rights, Responsibility and Respect that women get and deserve in the industry. We have chosen to support Women At Work who will be future leaders, game-changers, board members, executives and entrepreneurs, sportswomen, and politician. As every woman pursues her goals, it is their conversation we want to hear. Their conversations need a voice and we want to be that.

We have so far created a wave in all digital channels for celebrating, recognizing and awarding thought leaders and industry stalwarts. Today Asia is brimming with confidence and taking its rightful place in the world order. We wish to amplify this messaging and get the stakeholders to network, learn, have fun and push on business and innovation.

Be there at Growth Conclave 2017 on 24th November 2017 at THub, Hyderabad where more than 50 women are honoured in various fields. Katherine B. Hadda, U.S. Consul General in Hyderabad is the Chief Guest and is among the eminent speakers along with Archana Das, Indian Cricketer and few other women leaders.

This year Global Entrepreneur Summit 2017 has come to India on 28th-30th November 2017 with the theme “Women First, Prosperity For All”. We are proud that GES 2017 to put Women First for dynamism and opportunities that the summit offers.

Growth Conclave 2017 Speakers and Panel
Growth Conclave 2017 partners final