Startups : Embrace S.M.A.C or get smac-ked


The last few years have witnessed the rapid emergence of Social/Mobile/Analytics/Cloud (S.M.A.C) in the Enterprise space.

While S.M.A.C has become the Technology focus for every company irrespective of Small or Medium or Large Enterprise, this Technology Wave has become an imperative for all Start-ups.

Why is the S.M.A.C Strategy very important for the Start-ups ?

The primary reasons for the same are as follows :

Social Network – Depending on the Products/Solutions/Services being offered and the Target Customers/Consumers, it is important that Start-ups leverage the Social Network Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc., to showcase their Products/Solutions/Services. Social Media is a low cost Network to spread awareness virally.

Mobility – Smart Phones have pervaded into the offices of the Customers and Homes of the Consumers as well. This necessitates the need for Startups to address the Mobile Interface of Products/Solutions/Services being offered. Notwithstanding the fact that the website needs to be Mobile friendly so that prospective Customers/Consumers can access the same from their smartphones.

Analytics – Big Data has become pivotal for decision making. Startups need to know their Market thoroughly so that they can launch their Products/Solutions/Services in the Target Market. This is where Analytics play an important role. Moreover, if the Products/Solutions/Services have eCommerce transactions, then the Web Analytics play a crucial role in decision making.

Cloud Computing – Start-ups need to leverage the Cloud for all Business Applications to save investment of Software/Hardware. If the Products/Solutions/Services are based on Software, then it becomes strategically important to have the same hosted on Cloud to garner new Customers.

Weaving through the above Technology are the factors of Storage, Security and Internet-of-Things (IoT) that Start-ups will have to keep a watch on, to ensure that they meet the stringent demands of Tech-savvy Customers/Consumers.

The extent to which Start-ups leverage the S.M.A.C Strategy will then decide the success of their ventures.


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