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Indian Startups in the Billion Dollar Club

Shopping your favorite brands at your choice and convenience was once a tough task. Hire a taxi or rent one, travel all the way to the mall in huge traffic, look for the brands that you’re willing to shop, choose your favorite one and buy it. After a tiresome shopping, go have a good meal at some nice restaurant enjoying your favorite food, watch a movie and return home hiring a taxi. This is how usually the entire shopping process was for many of us. Though many relished the stereotypical practice, yet with the busy schedules that everyone is...

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India soars high with the highest number of female pilots in the world

In a country like India, where sons are treated superior to daughters and having a son is treated more of a privilege and a daughter a liability, women have now turned out to be the showstoppers. Breaking through the glass ceiling, and leaving their marks of victory, women soar high today taking India to a next level by recording the maximum number of female pilots in the world. While a recent Economic survey revealed the pitiful state of the nation where the great love and preference for sons has created 21 million unwanted girls, the above news has come...

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How to choose the right B school?

With the increasing demand for MBA professionals in the organisations and a global demand for masters in management alike, many MBA aspirers are looking for Universities or B Schools that offer a suite of programmes including quality education, expert faculty, peer learning, high-end recruitments, industry exposure, state of infrastructure, alumni base, etc. These are the basic prerequisites that need to be fulfilled from the point of any entrant. However, it is important to note that there are other factors that describe the uniqueness of the University, which includes the rankings in various aspects. Before choosing a B school, it...

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Wireless Charging System – Apple enters the fray

Happy New Year folks. We have entered into another year in the continuous era of technology. Technology always has something new and better and we never know what the upcoming year unfolds. As we look back into 2017, needless to say, it was a year of technology with technology trends making a bigger impact on the technology landscape. While artificial intelligence (AI) topped the charts, Virtual & Augmented Reality along with Smart home tech, intelligent apps, intelligent things occupied the latter places. In 2018, technology is set to shift an even bigger focus on the internet of things (IoT),...

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World’s smallest computer to use Blockchain Technology

While technology has its own canopy spread across the world, there’s no doubt there are several inventions being conceived under the sheath. The conception which later gave birth to technological innovations has become today’s revolution. In this vast universe which is immeasurable and indescribable, there are certain smallest things that grab the focus for their very size. Amazingly, if they are brought forth through the technology, then it is definitely a news to be heard of and worth noticing. Earlier, in the last year, there was this trend of “small” taking rounds in the air with many smallest innovations(products)...

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