Author: Bridgette chambers

Being the First – First in India

The role and status of women in India traditionally were confined to the four walls and the family, however, it was treated a superior status by the community. Over the past decades, the status of women has been subjected to many changes. Our country has also witnessed a transition in the status of women with the inclusion of women in diverse fields and excelling in them equally to the so-called higher gender. From homemaking to administration, this transition period had women in the most intrinsic roles in all the fields including literature, science, finance, and astrophysics. Women, however, were...

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Leadership vs Management

Leadership and management are two commonly used terms in the business world with many mistaking them to be one. Very often, people in business organizations presume a good leader for a good manager. Little do they know that they both are not the same and can not be the same. A good leader can be a good manager but a good manager necessarily need not be a good leader. One needs a clear understanding of who a leader is and who a manager is and also make out the difference between leadership and management. A leader is someone who...

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Amazon accelerates its pace in smart home business; acquires Smart Doorbell maker Ring

No sooner did Amazon, the largest internet retailer in the world, launched “Key”, a smart door lock and security camera service system, in last October, has now acquired Ring, a smart doorbell maker, for more than $1 billion. According to reports, this is Amazon’s second largest acquisition after it bought Whole Foods Market for $13 billion. Amazon on 27 February 2018, said that it had acquired Ring, a maker of internet-connected doorbells and cameras, taking a deep dive into the home security business. Earlier, Amazon has sent shock waves to the world by moving into the home security and...

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Uber vs Lyft

Wanna take a ride? What would you do? Take your phone, open the transportation mobile app, one tap and grab a ride. You’ll get the ride in minutes, the driver comes in you just hop in and the driver takes you where you want to go. After a successful ride, pay for the trip easily without the cash or a card in your hand. This is how taking a ride is; as easy as a pie. Now when you have to grab a ride, the real challenge for the online cab aggregators is which ride-hailing platform the rider chooses...

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Most Awaited Smartphones of 2018

The year 2017 was indeed a year of smartphones, witnessing many flagships entering the fray with bezel-less displays, dual cameras, larger adoption of OLED displays, innovative designs etc. This year it looks like there’s much more gadget lovers can anticipate for. While there are rumors and speculations about specifications from several flagships, am sure it will be worth the wait. Here we bring to you the list of most awaited and new generation phones of 2018 that are going to make an impact on the other industries as well. 1. Apple iPhones To begin with, the Steve Job’s iPhones...

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