Author: Jun Jie

Business Awards – Vanity or Sanity?

With the variety of awards out in the market today, deciding which ones to enter could be challenging! Could it be more of a hassle than a potential business gain? Here are five reasons why nominating for the much anticipated annual SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards (SEBA) will benefit your business. 1. Improve Employee Motivation Awards are a fantastic way to recognize the hard work and achievements of your employees. It provides a way to focus on the success of the company and a feel-good factor coupled with a sense of pride. Besides celebrating the victory of winning the...

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What happens when education and technology converge

Technology is now everywhere which can be seen penetrating through our very own lives. Over the past decades, technology has made a significant development in all sectors by spreading its roots vast in the diverse fields of banking, medical sector, retailing and others. Consider the old days wherein one had to stand in long queues at the banks to do the financial transactions, there was no proper diagnosis of the disease and no proper infrastructure to perform a surgery, one had to turn to the malls or stores to buy the grocery or clothes or any other essential goods....

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The New Leadership in the Digital Age

We live in a digital world where the continuously advancing technology has been influencing the day-to-day lives of us humans. The digital technology has influenced various fields globally including education, economy, politics, and business. With digital technologies like mobility, social networks, automation, big data, and cloud computing now deeply implanted in every aspect of our professional and personal lives, today’s business leaders need to possess a completely new set of leadership traits to sustain the transition and succeed in this digital era. Firstly, the leader should possess capabilities and sufficient knowledge in addition to the IQ. The leader should...

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How Technology transformed the lives of Women?

“Women at work” was considered a basic phrase for women who were at work while in the home. Decades ago, women were entirely meant to stay at home working, and the working meant taking care of the household chores, husband, family, children, and in-laws. This has been the scenario for the past many years until there was a revolution in every heart of a woman. In this gender-biased community, women were barely allowed to work and even if they did, they had to face severe criticism from the society, workplace and including their families. With the advent of computers...

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Porsche introduces Blockchain to Automotive Industry

Not many years after the blockchain revolution has left the entire world under the impact of cryptocurrency wallet, triggering financial services, retail, trade, energy, government, and most important media, it has finally come to the automotive sector. The latest news that is trolling down the news, internet and capturing everyone’s attention is “Porsche introduces blockchain to automobiles”. To everyone’s amazement including the entire automobile industry, blockchain is now the new innovation in the automobiles. We all are familiar with the smart technology, as it has become a part of our daily routine and not surprisingly, we are aware or...

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