Author: Raghav hunasgi

Startups which started with little and joined the Billion Dollar Club

This is an era of startups and it gives me immense joy to know and learn about the young talents that come up with their innovations to infuse their thoughts and talents into building products that set them apart. Amazed by such revolutions, I developed the zeal to acknowledge their efforts and contributions to the global economy. Few such startups that captivated my thoughts and made me freeze in wonder are those which started with almost little money or no money, yet grew out to become famous startups making a huge turnover. I would like to list out those...

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Healthcare Market

We all know that VR and AR have had an everlasting impact in the global world and what’s next is, that it’ll continue to have with several innovations taking birth in tune with the emerging trends. Needless to say, many tech giants and even startups are investing in the augmented reality and virtual reality to offer a real experience to the customers in the virtual world. The prominent questions that hover in one’s head are what is the scope of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) in pharma and healthcare sectors? How is that going...

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Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day today and I can’t resist myself from congratulating and celebrating the women power who were a big source of inspiration to not just women but the entire human race. Their success mantra had always been simple – “Rise and Shine”. While women have started building their territory of success in every diverse field irrespective of age, education, background, finances, and location, they deserve the acknowledgment worth being celebrated. Today being their day, there wouldn’t be a better time than this to greet and laud those wonderful women who achieved the milestones setting a benchmark for...

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