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Qualcomm 5G Pioneer Initiative: Signs $2 billion sales MOUs with leading Chinese vendors

We are about to witness a major evolution of mobile technology in the next couple of years with 5G going to become the most anticipated next-generation mobile network. The previous generations like 3G and 4G were a breakthrough in the communications. While 3G receives a signal from the nearest phone tower for phone calls, messaging and data, 4G also works the same, but with a faster internet connection, i.e., it allows people to access data about 10 times faster than 3G. Their successor, the next generation telecommunications standards, 5G, will allow for faster transfer of data, quicker response time...

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Story of twin brothers who made millions by selling their AI travel app startup to American Express

Let say you are a busy professional or a frequent traveler and have no time or want to save your time with the travel research or the booking process, and if you’re wondering how to do it, then here’s a good news for you. Mezi app does it all for you; it takes care of all your travel research and presents you with options to compare. It is a personal assistant for all things related to travel, flights, and hotels. Here’s the story of the twin brothers who developed this app and later made millions by selling it to...

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Amazon accelerates its pace in smart home business; acquires Smart Doorbell maker Ring

No sooner did Amazon, the largest internet retailer in the world, launched “Key”, a smart door lock and security camera service system, in last October, has now acquired Ring, a smart doorbell maker, for more than $1 billion. According to reports, this is Amazon’s second largest acquisition after it bought Whole Foods Market for $13 billion. Amazon on 27 February 2018, said that it had acquired Ring, a maker of internet-connected doorbells and cameras, taking a deep dive into the home security business. Earlier, Amazon has sent shock waves to the world by moving into the home security and...

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Uber vs Lyft

Wanna take a ride? What would you do? Take your phone, open the transportation mobile app, one tap and grab a ride. You’ll get the ride in minutes, the driver comes in you just hop in and the driver takes you where you want to go. After a successful ride, pay for the trip easily without the cash or a card in your hand. This is how taking a ride is; as easy as a pie. Now when you have to grab a ride, the real challenge for the online cab aggregators is which ride-hailing platform the rider chooses...

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World’s Largest Technology Companies

The whole world today lies in the spectrum of technology and the majority of business on the internet. The smart devices, applications, e-commerce platforms, internet of things, communication threads, that we use in our daily life are the harvest of the technological companies. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, to name a few are those tech giants that reign the business market. There’s no doubt they are the internet mammoths for various reasons that include their total revenue, sales, profit, assets, etc. Nevertheless, we bring to you a list of the world’s largest technology companies that have been governing the technological...

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