Category: Digital Transformation

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Healthcare Market

We all know that VR and AR have had an everlasting impact in the global world and what’s next is, that it’ll continue to have with several innovations taking birth in tune with the emerging trends. Needless to say, many tech giants and even startups are investing in the augmented reality and virtual reality to offer a real experience to the customers in the virtual world. The prominent questions that hover in one’s head are what is the scope of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) in pharma and healthcare sectors? How is that going...

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Digital India – Demonetization – Digitally Empowered

Technology has become a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. There is no day in this present age when technology is not used. Starting a day with technology and ending it by one, technology has been used in some or the other way these days. “Smart technology” is that familiar terminology which is widely being used in every being’s life today. Smartphones, tablets, gadgets, smart televisions, etc., are the products of smart technology that have made human life smarter, easier and accessible. Smart technology has not only enhanced the way of living but also became an integrated part...

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Digital Transformation in the Pharma Industry

The digital transformation over the decades developed into a storm sweeping the shores and transforming the various fields like retail, banking, media, transport, etc. Another industry that has recently joined the above list by being hit by the storm is the healthcare industry with pharmaceutical companies becoming no exception to it. The advancements in technology and its innovations like cloud computing, mobile communications, advanced analytics and the internet of things have started transforming the healthcare industry just like the way it had transformed diverse fields across the globe. The recent trends have been reshaping the healthcare industry in ways...

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