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Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day today and I can’t resist myself from congratulating and celebrating the women power who were a big source of inspiration to not just women but the entire human race. Their success mantra had always been simple – “Rise and Shine”. While women have started building their territory of success in every diverse field irrespective of age, education, background, finances, and location, they deserve the acknowledgment worth being celebrated. Today being their day, there wouldn’t be a better time than this to greet and laud those wonderful women who achieved the milestones setting a benchmark for...

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Tips to become a Successful Leader

Ain’t that true! We’ve been listening to and seeing the life history of many successful leaders who in a way changed the world or tried to change the world. There wouldn’t be any person who was not inspired by their stories or speech or action or approach that made us think for at least a second to be/become like them. True isn’t it! We all were taken away by their success stories having filled by their aura in our lives that would not have been depicted or probably waiting to be revealed. Some of us might even be under...

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