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Startups which started with little and joined the Billion Dollar Club

This is an era of startups and it gives me immense joy to know and learn about the young talents that come up with their innovations to infuse their thoughts and talents into building products that set them apart. Amazed by such revolutions, I developed the zeal to acknowledge their efforts and contributions to the global economy. Few such startups that captivated my thoughts and made me freeze in wonder are those which started with almost little money or no money, yet grew out to become famous startups making a huge turnover. I would like to list out those...

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Indian Startups in the Billion Dollar Club

Shopping your favorite brands at your choice and convenience was once a tough task. Hire a taxi or rent one, travel all the way to the mall in huge traffic, look for the brands that you’re willing to shop, choose your favorite one and buy it. After a tiresome shopping, go have a good meal at some nice restaurant enjoying your favorite food, watch a movie and return home hiring a taxi. This is how usually the entire shopping process was for many of us. Though many relished the stereotypical practice, yet with the busy schedules that everyone is...

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