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Qualcomm 5G Pioneer initiative

We are about to witness a major evolution of mobile technology in the next couple of years with 5G going to become the most anticipated next-generation mobile network. The previous generations like 3G and 4G were a breakthrough in the communications. While 3G receives a signal from the nearest phone tower for phone calls, messaging and data, 4G also works the same, but with a faster internet connection, i.e., it allows people to access data about 10 times faster than 3G. Their successor, the next generation telecommunications standards, 5G, will allow for faster transfer of data, quicker response time...

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Chatbots – Synonym for Great Customer Satisfaction!

Imagine you want to buy a product from your favorite brand or an online store. Everything you do now as a customer is go to the website or call to the call center hoping to get what you’re looking for on the website. Once you’re done shopping with your favorite brand, to a huge embarrassment, you’ll find your inbox overwhelmed with messages or notifications from the brand every day. That could most of the time annoy us by the way the company treats their customers assuming they’ve got the permission to send notifications on a regular basis. Rather than...

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Driverless Vehicle Technology – Nissan to introduce Brain-to-Vehicle Technology

While technology is anticipated to reach heights in 2018, Driverless Vehicle Technology is expected to go mainstream in this year. Driverless Vehicle Technology has been in development for some time and researchers have been experimenting with self-driving vehicles for over 45 years. In 2010, Google first announced and launched its self-driving car project that could possibly reduce the number of accidents to half in a year. By 2015, Google’s self-driven cars had traveled more than 1 million miles without causing an accident, although they have made few collisions. Ever since that, many leading car developers including BMW, Ford, Audi,...

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