The 21st century will be made, not managed, according to Reddit’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.
Startups and entrepreneurs are quite the buzzwords today and there’s none who has not been influenced by the duo. Entrepreneurs are at the core of the making of the 21st century. The Indian Government too is gearing up to embrace this wave of change by unleashing its entrepreneurial energy through initiatives such as Make in India, Skill India, and Startup India. These initiatives which are aimed at bridging the gap between academia and industry, foster innovation and commercialize research.

Recognizing the importance of embedding and fostering enterprising culture into the system, the Indian government has formulated initiatives to merge industry and academia. Students now don’t have to fear not having jobs as there will be new types of jobs created. In the world that we live in where the future is uncertain, students will be enhanced with the needed skills that will allow them to make their own way.

The government of India despite from recognizing the importance of self-employment and entrepreneurship in employment creation and economic growth, should also work towards cultivating entrepreneurial interest among students. To cater to the need, the government should make mandatory the inclusion of entrepreneurship education in Indian lower and higher learning institutions.

As we all know that entrepreneurship across the world is viewed as an engine that drives the economy, entrepreneurship education today should become an increasingly popular subject in colleges and universities in India. Academic institutes, on the other hand, should proactively take part in this generational change and cooperate in building an innovative-friendly entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Further, the government should thrive to inculcate entrepreneurship values and change the mindset of the students in higher education institutions to view self-employment as a viable alternative to salaried employment. Only then, we as a nation can curb the crisis of unemployment and ensure the rise in the Indian economy.

The Technology’s Fantastic Four

The fourth industrial revolution is here and we are on the cusp of the technological revolution that will change how we live, work, and communicate. The change brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been impacting many sectors. Not leaving a stone unturned, the impact has spearheaded in reshaping government, education, healthcare, and commerce.

The technological advancements over the years have ushered in new-age players who act as game-changers continuously challenging and disrupting the traditional methods. These emerging technological trends stand as the “Fantastic Four” in today’s digitally equipped world and they are artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain technology, and Fintech.