Reminiscing childhood memories hold a very special place in our heart. However, to the current generation of children who are growing up differently than we did it is a completely different scenario. Hitting the nostalgia button, it reminds us of our younger days, the time where human interaction, exploring the actual physical world around us consumed a major episode. The Lion and the Mouse, The Goose with Golden Eggs, The Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork, The Hare and the Tortoise, and the list goes on. These are the classic short stories with morals that many of us have heard more than once. Our previous generation (grandparents) had the most adventurous and interesting ways to teach about good morals and right conduct through short stories.

Ever since technology and social media started occupying the majority of our lives, children of the current generation were growing up skipping an essential part of their life, i.e., childhood. After the term “nuclear family” has evolved in this modern day, it caused an, unfortunately, less human interaction. The new generation of children today is opting to stay indoors than anticipate for after-school playground games in order to catch the latest episode of their favorite cartoons or superheroes. This basic instinct has what prompted a new generation kid to facilitate kids of his age and even younger to be educated with good values, morals that would make them a good fit for society and family.

Thanks to Computer and Internet. Writing, publishing and reading short stories online has now become a favorite pastime to kids that will further build values in them and enhance the reading comprehension skills. This is the story of “Short Kahani” and all these achievements are possible because of technology. Short Kahani us an end-to-end platform that seems to be able to bridge the generation gap. I also had a chance to interview Rohan Bodla, Founder of Short Kahani, to have Rohan share about him and some insight of Short Kahani.

About the Interviewee

Rohan Bodla is 15-year-old and right now is in 11th grade. He’s passionate about writing, loves to play Piano and Tennis.  

Talk about Short Kahani is a WordPress built website wherein one can read, write and publish short stories. In this so-called super-connected world, there are nuclear families where kids are disconnected from their grandparents. They might visit their grandparents once in a while though, nevertheless, they miss the best part of their childhood: Growing up listening to the stories often told by grandparents. Short Kahani is a platform where you get to read of those classic moral stories and share it with your loved ones.  

Tell me about your success

When I first approached a few people to share their short stories with me, I got an overwhelming response. Many liked the idea and they did give a pat on my back. With the inspiration from such elderly people, I started publishing their stories on the website and its presence is now appreciated on several social media platforms, especially Facebook. We have a good number of followers on Facebook who wait in anticipation for many upcoming short stories. I am happy that has reached a wide audience including adults and elderly people in a short period of time.

Is there anything you’d like to convey through this platform?

All I would like to convey the readers apart from encouraging them to write is to make them aware of Emotional Intelligence. Story writing is something that will help the younger generation to know more about themselves. In their future, it teaches them about how to handle the situations, how to interact with people, how to perceive the situation and act accordingly. It generates self-awareness amongst individuals and I believe this is of prime importance than intelligence.

What prompted you to propel in story writing?

I am currently doing an education program called the International Baccalaureate program that is one of the reasons for my inspiration to start Short Kahani. As a passionate writer, I always wrote stories for the newspaper and chart. It was my mother whose immense support has led me to come up with Short Kahani. She was my best critic who mentored me, edited my writings and helped me dive deep into my passion. She influenced me to start an online platform where I can publish my own stories.

One piece of advice to someone just starting out

Writing is one of the most important hobbies which can be in society. People can learn from others how to write. If you wish to be a writer, write and once you’re finished writing or think that it is perfectly written, then have a friend read it for you. Take the feedback seriously because eventually, it is the reader who should understand your thought process. In any case, he misses to cope up with the plot, your story is a failure.

Is there anything else you’d like to bring up?

I am planning to tie up with corporates. The employees can take a week off and write a story to ease their stress or pressure. Story writing is something common in many of them and writing a story might just be the thing to calm our nerves.

What do you aspire to become?

As a child, I always wanted to become an author. But now I am fascinated by AI and would like to pursue my career in AI. However, I would still continue with writing as my hobby no matter how old I grow up.